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Body Wrap Supplies & Accessories!


Body Wrap Bandages

These bandage wraps are of the highest quality and preferred by salons and spas worldwide to apply herbal, aloe, mineral and clay body wraps for ultimate weight loss and detoxification. Durable, resilient, provides consistent support and high compression. Made for comfort and quality, latex free, these wraps will hold up against bodily fluids, creams, gels, clays, minerals and laundering.

It takes 15 - 20 wraps to wrap a body for a full body wrap.
45 wraps gives you enough wraps to complete 3 body wraps per day.

High Quality Brown

Mid-range 6 x 5 yd  stretched wraps. Excellent quality, latex-free mid-range elastic bandage that provides consistent support and even compression. 78% cotton, 10% polyester, 12% latex-free elastic yarn.




Supreme White

High compressions 6 x 5 yd stretched wraps. Used widely for body wraps and spa treatments. 68% cotton, 7% polyester, 25% latex-free elastic yarn.


Body Wrap Essentials

Sauna Suits


Excellent Quality 2 Piece Suit. Available in XXL (one size fits most) only. Suit style may vary slightly from image pictured.



Body Brush



Excellent primer for all body wraps to increase circulation and decrease cellulite. 100% boar bristles give a gentle scrub to the skin. The natural wood handle is detachable with a strap to attach the brush comfortably to the palm of your hand.  

Heating Oven

Large 18 Quart Roaster Over perfect for heating wraps to the right temperature and keeping them warm until ready to use.



Body Wrap Technician Gloves

Disposable Latex or Vinyl
These 5 mil industrial high quality disposable gloves are tear resistant and are easy to pull-on. Reversible style to fit either hand. Vinyl are great for people concerned with latex sensitivity.
Choose Glove


Medium Duty

Medium-duty, latex 18mil gloves are lined with a soft cotton-flock lining that absorbs perspiration and fits comfortably to the hand. Ideal for lifting and squeezing the wraps from hot temperatures.

Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Gloves perfect for lifting and squeezing the wraps from hot temperatures.

Footwear & Headwear

Shoe/Foot Covers
Non-Skid Polypropylene

Keep your clients feet warm and dry during wrapping. Easy to slip on then throw away after use! Or wash and re-use! 100% polypropylene with non-skid sole. Elastic opening for easy fit. One size fits most.

Box of 100 for $18

Shoe/Foot Covers
Non-Skid Waterproof

Large white reusable shoe covers with non-skid sole. Waterproof copolymer plastic. Elastic edge for easy fit over most sizes.


Box of 100 for $20


Hair Cap

Use to keep the hair protected and out of the way. Perfect for wrapping the chin area. Comfortable elastic band to fit securely over most heads.

100 for $12





Body Wrap Formulas include: Sea Clay, Sea Mud, Dry Mineral, Aloe, Herbal, Chocolate and Aroma Wraps and more!

Tips for choosing the right body wrap formula...
Minerals such as the Sea Mud, Sea Clay or Dry Mineral wraps have an all over tightening and draw out the toxins and impurities in the skin.

Clays and Muds are perfect if you like to add the mask to the skin before wrapping. These are also excellent choices if you want to combine formulas and add the benefits of aloe or herbal.

Dry Mineral Formula is perfect if you want to use just one mineral type formula and don't want the mess of clay or mud. Dry Mineral is added to the water that the wraps are soaked in. You wrap with the soaked wraps, it's that easy.

Aloe Vera is perfect for cleansing and detoxifying. Herbal concentrate offers many skin benefits from the various herbs that are included.

All of the formulas are excellent for maximum inch loss!  

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